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Aromatik Essential Bundle Pack (10)

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Most Popular Products

The Oud Collection (Oud Diffuser + Oud Soy Wax Candle + Oud Incense + Banyan Incense Burner)


The Nirvana Collection(Nirvana Diffuser + Nirvana Soy Wax Candle + Zen Incense + Banyan Incense Burner)


The Ananda Collection (Ananda Diffuser + Ananda Soy Wax Candle + Ananda Incense + Banyan Incense Burner)


Oud – Signature Reed Diffuser 200 ML (10 Natural Diffuser Reeds)


Ananda – Sandalwood + Rose – Japanese Style Premium Bamboless Incense 40


Pure Rose -Japanese Style Premium Bamboless Incense 40


Shangri-La – Signature Reed Diffuser 200 ML (10 Natural Diffuser Reeds)


“Shangri-La” – Premium Scented Soy Candle 220 GMS (55 Hours)


“Nirvana”- 55 Hour Premium Scented Soy Candle 220 GMS


“Oud” – Premium Scented Soy Candle 220 GMS (55 Hours)



It’s been known for centuries the impact of quality Aromatherapy. It has been written extensively in numerous books in numerous culture. We bring the research to you by extensively testing the scents and the combinations to enjoy the benefits of quality Aromatherapy.

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We have chosen our scents and their combination including its strength 7% for Scented Candles, Natural Incense Sticks or Cones without any chemicals & Higher strength Reed Diffusers with wooden reeds to ensure only the best reaches you.

Give us just one try and see the difference. We are so confident in them that we will offer returns up to 14 Days*. Our Incense Sticks are Bamboless and natural with no nasty chemicals. We live Aromatherapy for mind and soul.


Price is important and We know it. We have spent 00’s of hours to find the best produce and within a reasonable price range for the quality you get.

Once you experience the quality of products on offer, You will know the difference from what is out there.

Not only we are competitive, We are confident that our quality is even better.

See the difference for yourself.


Aromatik was launched from an Idea and work of Shay. She is the inspiration behind it, her knowledge of Aromatherapy and certain scents and her connection with the charity.

We are committed to giving back to the community and most importantly children in need. 1.5% of all our sales goes to Bandage Bear Charity at Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney.


We are committed to provide great value through our products and pricing. With ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews and Free Delivery over $75 within Australia and reasonable shipping cost at $6.95, We are confident of what we offer. Try us once.

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