About Us - Why Aromatik?

Many scented beauty and home products list “aromatherapy” on their labels. While they may make your hair or your bedroom smell nice, the benefits of the holistic therapy they boast are much greater. Aromatik makes a genuine effort to make this difference through quality products.

Why Aromatik Australia?

“Feed your mind & Feed your soul. ”

Aromatik – Lifting Your Senses and Spirits.

Our Vision is to bring those products that can lift your mood, stimulate your mind and help you lift your spirits. Quality Aromatherapy through quality aromas! Quite literally.

Our Mission – Through affordable & quality products, bringing aroma to your daily life.

Aromatherapy is over 1000 year old process, It was widely used in Egypt, China & India well before time. Our scents can relate and are reminiscent to some of the ingredients used for a long time. We are not against the modern scents but you will not find on our store scents like Fruit flavoured candles or bubble-gum flavour diffusers.

It is said that Aromatherapy can have variety of benefits from improve sleep, reducing anxiety, stimulate brain to make you happier and so much more. Aromatik brings a genuine approach to the Aromatherapy, Our goal is to bring the scents for actual aromatherapy for which you can go ‘Wow’.

We provide high quality incense sticks, soy wax candles, reed diffusers, essential oils, incense cones and so much more. Our Incense are bamboless and natural. It’s strength of the scent is earthy and not inferenced with chemicals to enhance it. The scents for diffusers, soy wax candles and essential oils have been carefully chosen. We have put extra emphasis to the strength of some of these candles and diffusers, you will find our candles and diffusers are stronger than what you will find in majority of places.

Our products have been carefully manufactured to only bring the best and the most natural fragrances to you, We have taken a lot of time to ensure the quality of these products from its appeal to their scent notes is top notch. We are so confident on the quality that we will take any returns back within 14 days of the purchase with no questions asked if their scents are not what you were expecting and it did not deliver on your expectations.

Finally, the judge of the quality and value is you. We invite you to get into the journey of great quality Aromas around you through Aromatik and feel the difference